"Relevance and excellence of academic background"
"Relevant experience and professional training"

Criteria for application

In order to apply and have your application assessed, you must meet these criteria:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent with  significant relevance  to early childhood education (you must document this through academic diplomas / transcripts)
  • Relevant work experience (you must document this through work testimonials that shows you have worked directly with or towards young children)
  • Sufficient command of written and oral English
  • Computer knowledge and skills

The applications are evaluated by a combination of different factors. The factors and their weight are:

  • Relevance and excellence of academic background (weight: 50 %)-預估自己可以拿到35-40%
  • Relevant experience and professional training (weight: 25 %)-預估自己可以拿到15-18%(因為工作經驗不多)
  • The submitted statement of purpose (weight: 15 %)-預估自己這個部分大概拿到10%
  • Letters of reference (weight: 10 %)-三封推薦函,預估可以拿到8%

The final selection of students is made by the IMEC Selection Committee, which consists of representatives from all four partner institutions. No more than 2 of the successful applicants should have the same nationality. Successful applicants cannot previously have received Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Applicants who already hold a master degree in early childhood education and care or very related fields will not be prioritized.

The selected students are proposed for Erasmus Mundus scholarships, subject to the decision by the European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

It is not possible to apply for a scholarship without a place on IMEC. Once you have been accepted as a student on IMEC, the IMEC consortia will apply for a scholarship on your behalf.



EACEA sets the quotes of number of given scholarships for each cohort. It is usually around 8–10 none-EU scholarships and 3-5 EU scholarships.

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